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The Session

What do I need to do before my session?

When you book an appointment with Self Tape NYC, our goal is to let the actor (that's you!) just focus on, well, acting.  The only thing we need to decide together beforehand is who you would like to read with you.  If you'd feel most comfortable having someone you know read with you, then feel free to bring them alone.  Otherwise, Self Tape NYC will provide a reader (at no extra charge).  We just ask that you email us the sides ahead of time if possible so we have an extra copy to read from.

What should I expect during my session?

A lot of great acting, of course!  Hop on the A or 1 train to the 181st St. stop.  The studio will be ready when you arrive so we can dive right in.  You can do as many takes as you wish (that time will allow) and then view the takes on a monitor after to select which you like best.

Set Up

What do I need to do after my session?

Not much of anyting!  Go have a snack - you earned it after your great audition.  Self Tape NYC will color correct and edit your selected take(s), upload them to the web, and email you a private link to your audition.

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